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Alzawiah Designer Wear

Presents Innovative Haute Couture.

Alzawiah design wear is for quintessentially chic, feminine contemporary women who exude both elegance and panache with effortless grace and congeniality.

At Alzawiah, we use the highest level of workmanship and artisan techniques along with intricate hand embroideries and timeless silhouettes to create beautiful bridal and evening wear. Alzawiah works with best designing teams and extremely dexterous and skilled workmen in the field.

Alzawiah was conceptualised in 2013 with a sole purpose to cater to the Ethnic Fashion and to introduce to the modern day woman – World Class Designs, Elite Brands with top-notch premium products of super fine fabrics. Our clientele’s love support has heartened us to continue to provide you with only the Eminent and Premier hand picked collections.

Our Products are adored by woman of all over since our ethnic wear brings out the elegance and élan of every persona. Affordable designer products for your daily needs,to classy party wears, elite formal formal wears to haute couture weddings and festival wears.

Sayed Moin Ali proprietor experienced in fashion terrain works with seasoned craftsmen to bring about the sartorial elegance for contemporary women to cater to their evolving fashion needs. The 21st century woman is an achiever, outgoing, yet rooted in her traditions. Through our website we not only sell world class premium fabrics of exceptional quality but also provide styling cues.

Photo shoots of the products, stitching and assemblings give ideas on how the buyers can style their outfits taking our products as reference. We also add unfolded pictures of our products from time to time,to give a clear transparent overview of our merchandise.

How We Are Different?

Being the wholesale supplier, we delight our worldwide customers with the designer women ethnic wear at factory prices.

At lowest possible prices, we update our extensive collection every day with the groundbreaking innovations in woman’s ethnic wear.

With more than 50,000 products on the board, we have one of the largest fashion catalogues for our style savvy customers.

Why Choose Alzawiah Designer Wear?

  1. Quality and premium women designer wear at the lowest possible prices.
  1. Unprecedented access to the latest looks of the season from elite labels of the Indian fashion industry.
  1. Fast, reliable and safe shipping across the world through top-notch companies like FedEx, UPS, Aeromax, Tirupati,Shree Maruti, DTDC and DHL.
  1. 24*7 online chat facility to give our customers world class online shopping experience.
  2. Our Products are 100% imported and original. Our company is registered under “GST” (Goods & Services Tax) levied by the Govt. of India from 1st july 2017 onwards.

We cherish our clients and welcome your precious feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to use our Contact Us page to tell us what we can improve on or even compliment us if well- deserved!


Original Vs Replica Vs Master Copy

Planning to Buy a New Dress? Learn the difference between Original Vs Replica (Pakistani Concept Dress Material ) Vs Master Copy

Pakistani Suits and Lawn Suits generally have a higher price tag of more than 3000/- on most occasions. Everyone cannot afford those costly material. So, what manufacturers are doing these days is that they are making a “Pakistani Concept Dress Material ” or a Replica which is creating a copy of the Original Product. These replicas are pretty cheap which costs sometimes 5 or 10 times less than the Original dress. For e.g. the Mina Hassan’s Original chiffon collection’s price is around Rs 10,000/- , however its Georgette replica is available for only Rs 1999/-.

So, what are these Pakistani Concept Dress Material and Master Copies ? Are they worth it ? These are some questions that come to the mind when we buy these dress material and most of the times majority of customers do not know the exact difference. I am not saying that you should not buy the replicas , of-course they are Good and some companies make it almost like Original.

Replica or Pakistani Concept Dress Material in a simple sentence means ” Copy of the Original Pakistani Suit or Dress Material”. In India “Replica” are available in several types. There are some low quality replicas that are made from poor Quality cotton and poor embroidery. However some companies in India manufacture very Good quality replicas as they use Lawn and Georgette. So, how can you check the Quality of Replica? The best thing to look at is material they have used. If they have used the same material that was used in the Original dress and the embroidery is same , it is a good Quality replica. Also- a good Quality replica will cost higher than some other low quality replicas available in the market. So, when you buy ensure that the Quality of Replica is good. The color should not go away in 1st wash. But , at the end of the day You cannot expect that replica will serve you the same purpose of an Original. When you buy replica , just set your expectations right and see value for money rather than comparing it with the Original product. You cannot expect the replica to have Swarovski crystals or other extra accessories which comes with the original product as sometimes shown in the picture. You should think about replica as good quality daily wear.

Master Copy: Master Copy is also a replica but they are almost 80 to 90% similar to the original as they are exact copy of the Original product. The fabric used in master replica is same that was used the original product. The embroidery is same and you can see through the open picture (if available) that there is hardly any difference. They will obviously cost higher than the low quality replica. But still it cost 1/3rd the price of Original.

We take delight in serving a wide range of clients with varied choices and to keep up with their choices we also stock, though in limited numbers, good quality replica suits to cater budget needs of certain clients. There is something for everyone on our online store!


Get Full Catalouge at Best Price

Get 100% Original Indian & Pakistani Dress Material at Best Price- If you want to Buy complete set of a products, please contact our wholesale team via WHATSAPP at + 917222002224 with your name and location. We will provide you full set at the Best price.

You can choose any set Listed on this link here and send us the URL or Product picture. 100% advance payment via Bank Transfer (NEFT) is required to complete the purchase.


Order will not be cancelled exchanged or returned once processed. For more information contact us on our whatsapp number.

Assorted articles from different sets will not be available on Catalouge rate.

Discount will be applicable only if you buy all articles from one set.

Re-seller inquiries of ONLY full set buyers will be acknowledged.

We will not be able to provide re-seller rates if you wish to buy singles.

Our shipping policy/ returns policy will be applicable if you have received a wrong or defective item.

Shipping Charges will extra as per the actual weight.

Dispatch is subject to Geo-Political situation for Imported items.

Any upcoming catalouge which is not ready (prebooking) can be booked on 50% advance payment. Remaining balance can be paid at the time of dispatch.

We may ask you to present to us proof of business like your Visiting card , Facebook or Instagram Business profile links before dealing with you as a re-seller.

Wholesale Purchase at Alzawiah Guide –


The Price Given is in INR which excludes shipping Charges.

COD facility is not available on wholesale orders.

We accept payments through NEFT (Direct Bank transfer only). In case you still want to deposit cash in our bank account you may do so but Bank deposit charge (Rs 175/- per transaction) will be extra. This fee is levied by banks on cash transactions.

Shipping Charges are on actuals. We don’t keep any margin for shipping. You can tell us if you want to opt for Air ship or

Surface ship. Roughly Air Shipping is around 120/- per KG within India. Surface

Charges are between 60 to 70 per KG within India.

All prices are non-negotiable – no-bargaining as these are company rates.

To place the order:

Kindly deposit the money in our bank account as given in above steps.

Please send us payment screenshot on our whatsapp number.

We will arrange for dispatch once we receive 100% advance payment including any shipping charges.

Courier slips will be provided within 48 working hours.

For J & K Orders delivery time can extend up-to 15-20 days due to geo-political tensions.

You can also make payment via Credit or Debit Cards but bank processing charges of 2% will be additional that will be added to your bill. To pay by card please visit http://fstn.in/pay

Alzawiah is one of India’s Largest website to buy 100% Original Indian and 100% Original Pakistani Suits. We have largest collection of Lawn Suits , Silk and Chiffon Dress material from Brands like MARIA.B. , SANA SAFINAZ , GUL AHMED , KHAADI and more! We also provide Pakistani Suits Wholesale service within India with 100% Original Guarantee.

Important Information Regarding our contact numbers and Payments:

For retail queries you can whatsapp at +917222002224

For wholesale or bulk orders you may contact us on whatsapp at +919950004443

To Summarize our Official and only PHONE NUMBERS are given below :

Retail: +917222002224

Wholesale : +919950004443

We do not have any other whatsapp number other than the ones given on this page.

In case of any queries regarding our contact details please email at care@thealzawiahfashion.com

Regarding Payments for Bulk or Wholesale Orders:

If you are a re-seller or our business partner then DO NOT deposit payment in any saving or random account.

Please deposit the money only in our company account given to you by our executive from any of the above numbers given on this page. Alzawiah will not be held responsible if you make payment in any saving or unofficial or fraudulent bank account through any fraudsters claiming to be from Alzawiah.

In case of any queries regarding our payment or bank details please email at Care@thealzawiahfashion.com


Team Alzawiah