Very Rarely  you will notice that when a product is back in stock the price is higher on some brands. This is because the stock we have is purchased initially from designer in bulk  and we get a certain discount from brand – However when our stock that we got in discount is over and we still have demand , we restock it by purchasing from the retail outlets of brands at full price. Usually all restocked items are restocked at a higher price and discount that we give is on all products mostly .

Our pricing is based on the price we get from the designer , when discount is high we pass on the discount to our customers and keep lowest price on Internet.

On Rare occasion as stated here only RESTOCKED OR RELISTED stock is priced a little on higher side as our purchase price is high :))

This is why you will see an increased price on some restocked or relisted products. Please be assured that we are always 100% Honest in our dealings and will never ever cheat our customers! And we will continue to bring you best designer suits.

Thank you for your understanding, your trust and your support.